In addition to the main purpose which is praising the Lord, there are several advantages to women’s ministry in our church including:

  • Women’s ministry is not there to compete with other ministries but there to support one another.
  • It allows women to help and encourage women and this is a biblical model.    (Titus 2)
  • It challenges women to use their gifts and step up in leadership responsibilities, one on ne counseling and teaching.  Any time women are growing and maturing in their faith it is a great thing!
  • It helps build connections with other women and it’s fun to serve with other women.  It is fun to have an event where you can have chicken salad and flowers and have “girl talk.”
  • Women need women!  Sometimes just a hug, smile or a cry on a shoulder is what a woman needs and she needs other women not your husband for that.

Women’s Bible Study is held at the church every Friday at 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM.