Sr. Mary and St. Mark Coptic Orthodox of Indianapolis joyfully announces the launch of the Servants Preparation Program. This program is designed to provide existing and future servants with basic knowledge and fundamental building blocks for service. This program is also open for parents who are interested in gaining the knowledge to serve your own children at the church that is in your house.

This program consists of 11 courses that can be taken between 18 months and 2 years. Upon completion of the 11 courses, students will then sit for a comprehensive examination, which will be offered at least once per year. In addition, there will be a mid-term exam and quizzes at the end of each class. Complete listing of the Courses and classes in each course can be found in this link.

The classes will begin on Friday November 3, registration fee is $50 and it can be paid by installments over three months period. If you are interested please register below.


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